The Power of Positive Perspective (plus a few tips!)
Ever hear the phrase “they see the world through rose colored glasses?”  Well that’s perspective!  Our perspectives define the way we view life. The lens through which we see the world “colors” our view.  Rose colored view can be interpreted as positive thinking. We can see life’s struggles as challenges and opportunities for growth or wear glasses tinged with negativity in black or gray and miss out on possible positive experiences hidden beneath the surface. Positive perspective doesn’t mean we are naive but shows strength within us to look beyond our current circumstances.

Identify the shade of your glasses: How dark is your perspective? Can a simple change in thought patterns help or do you need further assistance with someone to talk to? While knowing the exact source of your negativity isn’t always necessary, find out what is putting you in a bad mood.  Perhaps it is frustration about your job, your kids, your finances, etc.

Find something positive about your situation: It can be anything related or unrelated, but something positive to focus on each day. Your frustration over your job can be seen as a challenge for growth in your field; financial strain can lend itself to the opportunity to see kindness in others when you are in need. You can even look for ways to give back, as our generosity to others often improves our positivity.

3. Find a mantra or phrase to help you remember the positive: Repeat this to yourself when you find the frustrations and negativity returning to remind yourself of the good you have found. You may have to do this every second or every hour, but practicing this mindfulness skill can change the shade of your vision!