In all the chaos and uncertainty during COVID-19 shutdowns, it is easy to forget that life keeps moving. Babies are being born, people are healing, flowers are blooming and the world keeps turning.


But how do you move forward with life, when life feels shut down?


  1. Open your eyes to the things around you- truly look at the people and places you are blessed with
  2. Seek HOPE
  3. Remember your friends and reach out to those around you
  4. Be creative with your time and energy rather than just fixating on the problems
  5. Search for the solutions to the challenges you face each day
  6. Be grateful for the little things
  7. Remember that you may be grieving the parts of life that you lost to COVID-19—birthdays, celebrations, weddings, vacations, graduations.
  8. Grief and hardship is part of life, facing it and walking through it is empowering
  9. Identify the ways in which you ARE living
  10. Seek help if you find yourself becoming too depressed to function or too anxious to move forward.

Each of these 10 ideas are reminders that there is always something beyond what we can see right now. In the uncertainty, there is choice about how to live and what is next. It is an opportunity to become stronger. Happiness is fleeting, but true joy comes from within. 

You know those people who have cancer who are always positive? Or the woman who lost a child and has unwavering hope that she will again see her child? The family who lost a dear loved one who soothes you despite their grief? THEY have found joy from deep inside. They have found hope and cling to it. A pastor recently said that your hope is only as strong as the darkness through which it can bring you. What profound truth.

“Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.”

Brene´ Brown

Where do you find hope and joy? Can you move through difficulty and uncertainty or will you become captured by the darkness that anxiety and fear bring? 

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