Special Needs Parents

Embracing Parenting When Life is Unpredictable 

I partner with special needs parents who are

anxious, overwhelmed, and burned out,

and bring them to

calm, confident, and hopeful 

Life isn't how you thought it would be....

The shock of a diagnosis has shaken the world around you and you don’t know where to turn. When you come out of the fog, you are wrapped up in anxiety, fear, uncertainty, confusion, guilt and shame.

Your life has become a never-ending stream of specialists, the school communication notebook, OT appointments and stress. All you want is a moment, where life is how you imagined it would be when you first found out you were going to be a mom. You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, fearing that life will forever be unbearable.

You feel isolated and burned out. 

Most days you just feel alone.  Your husband keeps himself busy at work, leaving you with the weight of juggling all of your child’s needs. Your parents want to help, but they can’t manage the meltdowns like you can. 

You feel misunderstood by friends, family or specialists.

The worst part is that sometimes you’re jealous! Jealous of the neighbor who complains about their child’s busy schedule of activities, when yours is filled with doctor appointments, lawyers and fighting with medical insurance. You feel guilty about your frustration and sadness. You are grateful for your child, but it takes an emotional toll.

The rest of your family is struggling while you focus on your special needs child.

Your other children are suffering because you can’t make their school plays and soccer games. You feel like you are failing them. Your marriage is rocky because you can’t take the time your husband wants. Everyone needs a piece of you and you are overwhelmed, fearful and frustrated. 

It feels like you’ve tried everything. 

You tried counseling before, but it did not fit in with your child’s schedule of specialists. You’ve done your research and have read every single book, but it doesn’t help. You’ve tried yoga, meditation and praying, but God doesn’t seem to hear you.  All you hear is the crying of your child and your own racing thoughts questioning “how will I ever make it through?”


...but you can gain purpose and hope again.

Hello, I’m Jamie.

… and it would be my privilege to work with you.


I am prepared to fight alongside you so that you can regain purpose and hope for yourself and your family.

Did you know that how you’re feeling is normal? 


Did you know that when there is an unexpected shock to your world, it can be considered a trauma? Getting news of a special needs diagnosis is overwhelming and traumatic. The doctors sound so “matter of fact”, while your world is falling apart. You feel numb and confused. 

Feeling shocked, numb, and disoriented is a healthy response. It is self-preservation! These are all normal responses to a shock to your system. A trauma of the unexpected.

Some Potential Benefits of Therapy with Me.

Overcome Numbness and Confusion

Freedom From Guilt and Shame

Find Your Way Back to Being the Parent You Truly Are

Learn How to Just "Be Mom"

Know at Your Core You Are a Good Mom

Allow Yourself Permission to Struggle

(And Not Feel Guilty)
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Let Go of the Fear of the Future

Feel Hopeful About Your Child's Future

Gain Confidence To Advocate for Yourself

Remember the Reason You Are Fighting

I’m on your side.  

You love your child, just as I love mine. We both have the same goal…your child’s well being. But I have one more goal: YOUR well being. I believe this is key in being able to advocate and guide the life of your special child.

Great parenting is taking time to care for yourself. When you are feeling recharged, you are ready to be available for your child.

By honoring the unpredictable nature of life with a special needs child, I journey with you as you focus on your well-being just as much as your child’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Counseling?

Online counseling, also known as teletherapy, is coaching or counseling through a live online delivery of services. There are many names–including virtual therapy or distance counseling. You do the same work as traditional office therapy in the convenience of your home or workplace. Anyone can do it, even if you are not tech savy! All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

I’m a Special Needs Mom, Can You Work with My Crazy Schedule?

I can definitely work with a flexible schedule. Through my online portal you can schedule your own appointments. I do like to try and set a regular appointment day or time if possible. It helps to establish a regular routine in your life and makes it easier to remember your appointment.

We have a LOT of bills…Do You Accept Insurance?

I understand that special needs parents have a lot of expenses. I do my best to work with everyone. Therapy is an investment in yourself, but it can have lifelong value. You take the time to invest in your child, so it may be worth considering this type of investment in yourself.  I have private pay packages as well as reduced fee options, though I do keep those on a limited basis.

How can I get my insurance to pay?

If you have out of network benefits, I am happy to provide you with a properly coded bill (when appropriate) to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please be sure to call your insurance to verify your benefits, and be certain to ask if they reimburse for video conferencing. I am happy to assist you and provide you further information or answer any questions you may have!

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