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Great Parenting is Taking Time to Care for Yourself 

Parent Coaching and Support

  • 8 week series of individualized strategies for effective behavior change
  • Assessment of the problem
  • Developing Measurable and Specific Goals
  • Strategies for behavioral changes

Special Needs Parent Support

  My low pressure approach will allow you to set goals for yourself, take care of your mental health and have an open format to share your emotions and process your fears, feelings and breakthroughs.

About Parent Support

When you feel at a loss, like there’s no way to get through or “this is the best I can do” I can help you find a way to make it through. For the parent who can’t figure out how to get their children to listen, I have a system to help guide you through! For the mom or dad who feels like they can’t connect with their child, I can help you find a way to break through the walls. If you have a strong willed child, lets look at a way to guide their spirit and not break them. We can do this together! You know your child better than any therapist. You are your child’s best advocate and you have the privilege of raising this person to be their best self. Allow me the gift of providing support and expertise as you travel this road.

 About Special Needs Parent Support

I am available to providing support and therapeutic services for parents of special needs children. You are all incredible people with a job that feels impossible. No one expected the fits, crying, emotional pressure, financial strain, fear, agony and joys facing you as you raise this differently abled child! The poop smears, meltdowns, guilt, inevitable disasters and daily pressures of special needs parenting can stretch you in ways you never knew. I would love a chance to help you through this challenge to face it and find ways to avoid burnout and social pressures of being a perfect parent when you have a special needs child. You face many expected and unexpected demands. My low pressure, supportive approach will allow you to set goals for yourself, or simply have an open forum to share your emotions and process your fears, feelings and breakthroughs.


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