Pete the Cat I love My White Shoes:

I was inspired as I sat reading “Pete the Cat” to my son. If you haven’t already read these books they are some of my favorite Childrens books.

Throughout the story, Pete the Cat steps in different piles of food or dirt which stain his white shoes; so what does he do?

Each time he “kept walking along and singing his song”


How often do we step in….well…you know what.  And we get angry, miserable or anxious. Do you keep “walking along, singing your song?”  How can you when things are so terrible? Pete the Cat, takes it in stride. He just changes the words of his song. Maybe you need to consider changing your tune. Each time he encounters a challenge, he adjusts. Near the end of the story, he steps in a bucket of water and all of the garbage he stepped in is washed away.

The final page of the book says:

“The moral of Pete’s story is:

No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song…”


What a great lesson! Life throws a lot of curveballs.  Maybe it’s a sick child, a loss, miscarriage, moving, or losing a friend. However, if you can keep “walking along and singing your song” you find hope. Life keeps moving. You can walk along, or you can stand still and watch it go by. Either way, the world keeps turning.


Life is unpredictable: It’s up to you to decide how you want to face it.