Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Online Counseling?

Online therapy is my main modality for therapy. I use HIPAA compliant tele-health services to provide exclusively online therapy, and will continue to, because I believe in it! It is truly effective. The treatment is the same work as in traditional in-office therapy, with the convenience of being in your home, workplace or wherever you would like to participate in therapy. Anyone can do it, even if you are not tech savy. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Your FREE consultation is a great way to test it out.

I'm not sure I'll like online therapy

Online therapy is convenient, comfortable and can be completed in the privacy of your own home if you wish (or anywhere else). Research says that online counseling and coaching is just as effective as when you are in an office.  

It’s a fantastic option for busy parents, adolescents and college students with ever changing schedules, adults on shift work, or someone who just doesn’t have the time to get to and from an appointment. If you really don’t think it’s a good idea, then maybe it’s not a great fit for you. And that’s ok. Everyone needs to be comfortable when in therapy. If online therapy is not a good fit for you, I’d be happy to help link you with someone who can help.

What if I'm not good with technology?

You don’t have to be. I make it as easy as possible, with one clickable link. We can test it out ahead of time and you can always call me with questions. If you have internet and computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone you can participate in online therapy. I’ll walk you through it or you can click on the tab below to learn more about how it works.

Let’s be honest…if we are talking about the internet, there are some issues, as with any online platform…these can include loss of service, dropped connections, batteries dying or other “techie” issues! BUT, we come up with a plan of action just in case we run into any problems.

Seems you offer flexible scheduling?

I can definitely work with a flexible schedule, but I do like to try and set a regular appointment day or time if possible. It helps to establish a regular routine in your life and makes it easier to remember your appointment.

The benefit of offering a bit more flexiblity with scheduling is that if you know ahead of time, I can offer you a different day/timeslot and you can avoid charges for late cancellations or not showing up for appointments because you forgot.

Once you are a client, you have the option of self-scheduling through the patient portal. 

How do I actually have a session or a consultation with you?

Step 1: I will schedule a call time with you and send you the link to a Zoom room. All you need to do is click on the link  you will receive in an email with your personal ID for our Zoom meeting.

Step 2: Your device will connect and you can activate your microphone and camera. Then we will be able to see and hear each other for the session.

Step 3: I will begin the session at the scheduled time! 

If for some reason you are having technical difficulties, please let me know by calling me and we can work it out. If I am having difficulties, I will do the same for you. Technology is not perfect, but we will always have a backup plan to get in touch with one another. 

I don't live in NJ, can I still work with you?

I am only Licensed in NJ and can online provide online therapy to those who are currently in NJ. However, the beauty of online therapy is that even if you live outside of NJ, but are physically in the state during the time of our session, we can work together! While many others may offer coaching services in lieu of counseling, I want to stay true to my license and honest with you at all times. My goal is to provide excellent mental health services and this is the best way of doing that! I am specially trained in Tele-therapy and can provide you with my best by remaining dedicated only to the states where I am licensed.

No matter where you are located within the state, I am able to see you virtually so it allows even those not local to my office to work with me.


What about paperwork?

If you choose to work with me as your therapist, you will have access to a client portal where we will be able to securely share paperwork, use electronic signatures, schedule appointments and send payments. When appropriate, I am able to provide you with invoices that are properly coded for reimbursement from your insurance company if you have out of network benefits. While email is not always the safest communication, I do have an encrypted email address that we can also use to communicate and share documents.


Do you accept insurance?

YES! I participate with CIGNA, United Behavioral Health, Oxford and Optum & Aetna, so you are able to use your insurance benefits. If you have out of network benefits, I am happy to provide you (when appropriate) with a properly coded bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please be sure to call your insurance to verify your benefits, and be certain to ask if they reimburse for video conferencing or tele-health for behavioral health. I am happy to assist you and provide you further information or answer any questions you may have!

What about the fees? Are there package options?

I offer 45 or 60 minute sessions for individuals. Rates are $175 for 45 minutes and $200 for 60 minutes. If I am in network with your insurance, please contact me for further information.

Intakes are $225 and will be covered by your insurance if I am in network, or I will provide you with a properly coded bill for your reimbursement for out of network benefits. This initial contact is very important for us to connect and for me to be able to provide you the best possible initial therapy plan.

I am also available to provide week to week parent coaching, upon request.

What if I can't afford therapy?

Most people feel like they can’t afford therapy. Many people can’t afford not to try it. I offer short term options if you are working on a limited budget and have package options that we can try and work with to make it fit within your means.

I wold love to be able to help each and every person who reaches out to me. I do offer a reduced rate on a limited basis. If you are unable to afford therapy, please let me know and I will see how we can work together to find you the help that you are looking for. If we are not a good fit, then I am happy to find you a referral to someone who is better able to accommodate your needs. 

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